SERG for Students

Do you find questions in epistemology fascinating, and would you like to work on these questions at an advanced level? SERG is looking for new members among students. We work collaboratively, spending a lot of time discussing new ideas for research, commenting on papers, writing joint papers, and discussing journal papers of common interest. All discussion takes place in a very friendly and stimulating atmosphere. We meet about once a week (flexible). In addition, we host a number of workshops with international guests.

Being a member of the research group would be ideal for you as a student if you are interested in working on epistemology at an advanced level during your MA. Being a member might also help you a lot it you consider applying for a PhD position in Copenhagen or elsewhere. Formalities permitting, you can write assignments or your master’s thesis in epistemology, and you will then have the opportunity to discuss your work in the group and have supervision from group members.

No prior knowledge of epistemology is necessary, but you should obviously find social epistemology interesting, and you should be comfortable with philosophy in the analytic tradition. We will make sure that everyone joining the group will be updated on their epistemology background so that they can follow and contribute to discussions in the group.

If you are interested, please contact Bjørn Hallson or Josefine Pallavicini.