Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen

Position: Research Fellow

Departments: Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen and UCLA.
Office: 14.2.10
Phone: TBD


Personal webpage:

Education: Ph.D. and M.Litt. (Arché, St. Andrews), cand.mag. and BA (Copenhagen).

Research: I work mostly in epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of mathematics.

Supervision: any of the above. 

Selected publications:

(10) (with C. Kelp) "Second-order knowledge", to appear in S. Bernecker and D. Pritchard (eds.): The Routledge Companion to Epistemology. (Penultimate version.)

(9) "Hume's Principle and entitlement: on the epistemology of the neo-Fregean programme", to appear in P. Ebert and M. Rossberg (eds.): Status Belli: Neo-Fregeans and Their Critics. (The paper linked to is not the final version.)

(8) "Solving the Caesar Problem without categorical sortals", pp. 141-155 in Erkenntnis Vol. 71(2), 2009. (The paper linked to is the penultimate version. The final version is available here.)

(7) (with Marcus Rossberg) "Open-endedness, schemas and ontological commitment", accepted for publication in Noûs. (The paper linked to is the penultimate version.)

(6) "Stabilizing alethic pluralism", pp. 92-108 in Philosophical Quarterly 60, 2010. (The paper linked to is the penultimate version. The final version is available here.)

(5) "Entitlement, value and rationality", pp. 443-457 in Synthese Vol. 171(3), 2009. (A special issue on the philosophy of Crispin Wright edited by J. Kallestrup and D. Pritchard. Journal link.)

(4) "What can the problem of mixed inferences teach us about alethic pluralism?", pp. 103-117 in The Monist Vol. 89(1), 2006. (Abstract in The Review of Metaphysics Vol. 59(1), 2005.)

(3) (with Cory D. Wright) "A framework for alethic pluralism", to appear in N. J. L. L. Pedersen and C. D. Wright (eds.): Truth and Pluralism: Current Debates (New York: Oxford University Press).

(2) (with Cory D. Wright) "Truth, Pluralism, Monism, Correspondence", to appear in C. D. Wright and N. J. L. L. Pedersen (eds.): New Waves in Truth (London: Palgrave Macmillan).

(1) (with Cory D. Wright) "Truth, pluralist theories of", invited entry under review at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Recent teaching: 

  • Topics in Theory of Knowledge, UCLA.
  • Skepticism and Rationality, UCLA.
  • Directed Research: Topics in Social Epistemology, UCLA. 
  • Student Research: Skepticism, UCLA.

Non-academic interests: football, books, guitars, coffee.