Mikkel Gerken

Department: Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen.
Office: 8.2.110
Phone: +45 3532-9406

Personal webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/mikkelgerken/

Education: Ph.D. and MA (UCLA), cand.mag. and BA (Copenhagen).

Research: I work mainly in epistemology and in the philosophy of mind. Indeed, I tend to work at the intersection of the two disciplines. I also do some work at the intersection between epistemology and philosophy of language. In particular, I criticize the linguistic motivations for anti-invariantist theories of knowledge. However, I also pursue a psychological defense of strict invariantism and, consequently, I work in cognitive psychology as well. In social epistemology, I have worked on the epistemology of testimony, including expert testimony. Moreover, I have interests in modal epistemology and its relationship to philosophical methodology. Finally, I investigate how empirical research in cognitive psychology bears on all of the above issues.

Non-academic interests: Traveling, music, football, photography.