Bjørn Gunnar Hallson 

Position: PhD student. 

Department: Department of Media Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen.

Office: 16.1.20


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Research: Bjørn’s current research focuses on the social epistemology and social psychology of disagreement. Combining philosophical analysis and experimental methods, his Ph.D. project addresses whether and how the existence of various cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias and motivated reasoning, affects the analysis of disagreement. Of special interest is the extent to which disagreement, and cognitive diversity more broadly, can make deliberation an efficient division of cognitive labor and thereby lead to epistemic benefits. Under which conditions are disagreements epistemically beneficial, and if they are, what do such benefits mean for the disagreement debate in epistemology? 

Prior to starting his Ph.D., Bjørn did his M.Sc. in psychology from the University of Copenhagen and has also done work in neuroscience at Copenhagen University Hospital.