29 January 2018

Klemens Kappel has been awarded a three-year research project by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Klemens Kappel has been awarded a three-year research project entitled Convergent Ethics and the Ethics of Controversy (CEEC) by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 

The project runs over three years from February 2018, and consists of one senior researcher, three postdocs, one PhD student and a number of research assistants. The aim of CEEC is to investigate popular skepticism towards new technologies from an ethical, a psychological and a political-philosophical point of view:

  1. Ethics: Under what circumstances do mainstream ethical theories agree on an ethical verdict concerning a new technology? What is the relevance of such agreement?
  2. Psychology: What relationships exist between people’s basic political-ideological worldviews and their factual beliefs about new technologies (e.g. beliefs about risks and benefits)? Why do some sections of science and technology become politicized, and how can we avoid this?
  3. Political philosophy: What is required for a political decision to be democratic legitimate when there is factual disagreement between politically/ideologically distinct sections of the population? What is the appropriate role of expertise and knowledge in democratic decision-making?

Apart from these three main topics, the project will perform ethical reviews of new developments in a number of areas of biotechnology, in collaboration with researchers from the relevant sciences.