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Workshop on Groups and Disagreement

Collective epistemology investigates the extent to which the epistemic properties we attribute to groups as well as the epistemic practices they are engaged in parallel or differ from individual epistemic practices and properties. An increasingly rich literature has shed light on topics such as collective belief, group epistemic justification or group knowledge. But many topics long-studied in traditional epistemology have been little investigated (or are yet unexplored) in the epistemology of groups. One such topic is disagreement. Recent discussion in epistemology has mainly focused on disagreement involving individual beliefs. However, many complex real-life disagreements take place among groups and consequently involve collective beliefs. This workshop aims to investigate the extent to which ongoing debates in the epistemology of disagreement can be replicated in the epistemology of groups. For example, should groups (as a whole) conciliate or remain steadfast in disagreements ranging over collective beliefs? Should their individual members do likewise?